Grating Surface Safety Break Down

In the United States, a number of manufacturers create and produce forklift ramps. In addition, some wholesalers that don’t use local producers offer forklift ramps built foreign, which have a higher profit margin and are less expensive than comparable domestic items. However, since cheap isn’t always the best option, buying “Cheaper” forklift ramps has drawbacks. Most individuals would not refuse a “deal” that allowed them to save a few thousand dollars at the outset of the sale, but those savings might end up costing you more later on due to downtime, ramp failure, equipment damage, and potentially even injuries.


Most foreign ramps have open grating that runs opposite to the direction of travel. Which over time leads to ramp failure and damage that either requires replacement or, if the damage is to the frame itself, a complete ramp replacement. 

Altam Grating Surface Safety

A transition plate is incorporated into the design of Altam Ramps to enable the grating to follow the route of travel. Several US fabricators, like Altam, offer a “transition plate” that enables a seamless transition from the ground to the ramp, the incline, and the appropriate dock or truck bed. 

This extends the ramp’s lifespan and raises the units’ safety level, ensuring that they will always function as intended and that you won’t have to worry about any potential failures.


The goal of Altam is to create a ramp that outlasts its rivals and increases the productivity of loading or unloading trucks, containers, or other vehicles that require dock access.