Altam Autoclave Sterilizers

Materials: Carbon Steel SA516 Grade 70 SS SA240 304/304L SS SA240 316/316L 

Since 1988 Altam has been manufactured precision autoclave systems for medical, laboratory, and industrial needs. Explore our range of advanced sterilization solutions, designed for efficiency and reliability. Elevate your operations with our expertly engineered autoclave manufacturing services.

Leading Manufacturer of ASME-Certified Equipment for Sale

For those involved in waste management, autoclaves are a preferred step in the treatment of waste since they operate in batches and are chemical-free.


Typical operation of an Altam Autoclave is between 75-150PSI. 

Temperatures between 150°F (65.56°C) – 400°F (204.44°C)

Custom pressures available. 


    • 2ft Diameter
    • 3ft Diameter
    • 4ft Diameter
    • 5ft Diameter
    • 6ft Diameter

Custom diameters available.


    • Up to 55′ Lengths available. 


The most basic sterilizing process. A drain port allows steam to displace air in the chamber via gravity (i.e., without mechanical aid).


A series of vacuum and pressure pulses are used to mechanically remove ambient air from the chamber and load.

How it Works

The steam supply is normally closed and exhaust is normally open. Engerizing the acuators allows the steam supply to open and close till desired temperature is achieved by the control box program. During the intial start all of the cool air is pushed down to the sump and pushed through the waste line, any condensation that is created also falls through the sump and strained if any debry is dropped (which must be cleaned out during each cycle). The Cycle is then started after the ramp up time is achieved. The steam supply acutator opens and closes with a 1°F – 2°F change and provides more steam to be inserted into the vessel to maintain the desired temperature. Once the cycle ends the exhaust is then de-energized and allows the steam and pressure to be exhausted, and the steam supply is de-energized to go back to nomarlly closed. This ends the cycle and the unit will then be able to be opened once there is “no pressure”. The Altam Quick Opening Door features a variety of safety precautions that will not allows the door to be open under pressure.  

Basic Cycles Application / Load Type 
Gravity Displacement Glassware, unwrapped goods, waste, utensils, redbags.
Pre-Vacuum Wrapped goods, packs, animal cage bedding, cages, porous materials, redbags.

Efficient and Cost-Saving

Using the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, Altam’s dependable and long-lasting pressure or vacuum autoclave systems are made to handle biomedical, USDA, Aphis, pharmaceutical, laboratory, flight kitchen, airport, and any other infectious wastes that need to be treated or sterilized as efficiently as possible. Altam Autoclave Systems are capable of treating 200 pounds to 7,000 pounds of trash in a single cycle. This would be based off of the diameter and length of the vessel required for the facility. 


Altam autoclaves have an 18–22 year lifespan assuming maintenance is kept up to date and the boiler is treated properly.

Altam is a A.S.M.E. Manucature in Los Angeles, CA