Altam Quick Opening Doors

For decades, Altam’s unique quick-opening doors have improved industrial processes.

In demanding applications such as Waste Management, Medical Waste, Mushroom Cultivation, Concrete Curing, Aerospace, Plastic, quick-opening doors are frequently utilized. The Altam Quick Opening door is a proprietary closure that was created and produced in strict conformity with Section VIII, Division 1, of the ASME Bioler and Pressure Vessel Code. The door is specially made and intended for use on Altam’s pressure vessels and autoclaves as well as by other pressure vessel fabricators thorugh the US and internationally.


Materials: Forged Carbon Steel Forged Stainless Steel 


The operation is simple, effective, and smooth. The locking ring rotates to engage numerous lugs. A tapered 4140 hardened steel wedge is precisely fitted into each lug to ensure secure confinement and the sealing between the Body Flange & Door Flange.



Typical operation of an Altam Autoclave is between 75-150PSI. 


Temperatures between 150°F (65.56°C) – 400°F (204.44°C)



    • 2ft Diameter
    • 3ft Diameter
    • 4ft Diameter
    • 5ft Diameter
    • 6ft Diameter

Custom Diameters and Pressure available. 



Prices vary and are based off of the steel market and type of material to be quoted. Please call or email for updated pricing.