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Introducing our Ground-to-Dock Loading Ramp, also known as Dock Yard Ramps, proudly manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. These Altam loading dock ramps are engineered for versatility, easily installed at concrete or movable steel loading docks. Designed for maximum strength, our ramps feature steel grating with bearing bars aligned in the direction of travel, ensuring durability and reliability. The serrated top provides excellent grip, preventing the accumulation of snow, water, and debris, even in challenging weather conditions.

For enhanced safety and longevity, solid steel deck approach plates are included at both ends, ensuring a smooth transition and extending the ramp’s lifespan.

Experience seamless loading and unloading operations with our Ground-to-Dock Loading Ramp. 

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Yard Ramp Features: 

  • All Steel Welded Construction 
  • 20,000lbs to 80,000lbs+ Capacities 
  • Lengths from 10ft to 50ft+ 
  • Usable Widths range: 6ft” to 20ft+
  • With or without Level Off 
  • Traction: Serrated / Smooth Self-Cleaning Surface 
  • Built in accordance per California Code of Regulations Title 8 Section 3233

Industries Benefiting from Yard Ramps

Transportation and Logistics

Companies involved in transportation and logistics leverage dock ramps to facilitate loading and unloading processes at terminals, depots, and freight yards, ensuring timely delivery of goods.

Storage and Warehousing

Storage facilities and warehouses use dock ramps to load and unload goods from docks, optimizing space utilization and inventory management.

Shipping and Freight

Ports, docks, and shipping terminals rely on dock ramps to facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo from dock to ships, ensuring efficient maritime logistics operations.

Military and Government

Military bases and government facilities may use yard ramps for various logistical purposes, such as loading and unloading supplies and equipment.


Car dealerships, auto repair shops, and automotive manufacturing plants use dock ramps for loading and unloading vehicles, parts, and accessories, facilitating smooth operations.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers rely on dock ramps to streamline the movement of goods on loading docks to ground level , ensuring smooth logistics operations.


Manufacturing facilities use dock ramps to load and unload raw materials, equipment, and finished products onto ground access for distribution or shipment.


Retailers and wholesalers utilize dock ramps in their distribution centers to handle incoming and outgoing shipments of merchandise, improving efficiency in their supply chain operations.


Construction sites use dock ramps to load and unload construction materials, equipment, and machinery onto dock with no ground access, enabling efficient project management.

Food & Beverage

Food processing plants and beverage facilities utilize dock ramps to transfer products to and from docks, ensuring timely distribution to retailers and consumers.

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Typical dock heights are usually 48".
To figure the usable width you must take the overall width of your wheel base on vehicle or forklift and add 24" overall width. This is required per CALOSHA. Standard usable width range between 73" to 78".
Opening of dock width
By taking the capacity of the forklift we multiply by 3 which gives us a capacity ramp required for your forklift weight. IE: 5000# Capacity forklift would come out to a 15,000# our models are designed for a min of 20,000# Capacity.
Depending on the type of use that the ramp will be used. OSHA Requires 42" Hand rails with a mid rail if personnel are using the ramp. Altam ramps come standard with 11" Run off guard which CALOSHA requires a min of 8" per CCR Title 8, section 3233.
Available lip when door is closed. This is usually 4in-7in.