Contract Manufacturing

In order to serve a wide range of industries, Altam Manufacturing works with businesses to perform contract manufacturing for a variety of goods, machinery, and devices. We offer the full range of services needed to price contract manufacturing projects based on the costs of the necessary procedures, tools, labor, and materials. The product(s) can be entirely constructed at our facility, which is set up to do so, and we can ship the finished goods directly on behalf of our clients. 

Providing design engineering support to the customer is a component of contract manufacturing. Currently, we work with our clients to help them improve the product design based on the created production method. Because of the cost savings brought about by adding “value-added” factors to the product design, our customers benefit. We also have the expertise to identify design defects and potential problems early on. This can stop products from making critical errors that could end up costing the consumer a lot of money in the long term.