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Discover Altam’s premium selection of yard ramps, meticulously engineered for the demands of warehouse and industrial settings. Our yard ramps, also recognized as Portable Loading Ramps or Portable Loading Docks, present a reliable and cost-effective solution to a myriad of loading dock challenges. At Altam, we understand that the primary function of yard ramps typically falls into one of two categories: facilitating the movement of forklifts either up into a truck bed or down to ground level from the dock. Depending on your specific application, we offer tailored designs to suit your exact needs.

Our yard ramps boast maximum durability, featuring steel grating with bearing bars meticulously aligned in the direction of travel. This design not only ensures robust strength but also provides excellent grip, deterring the accumulation of snow, water, and debris for enhanced safety and efficiency. For seamless transitions and extended longevity, our ramps are equipped with solid steel deck approach plates at both ends, ensuring a smooth journey for your equipment while maximizing the ramp’s lifespan.

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Yard Ramp Features: 

  • All Steel Welded Construction 
  • 20,000lbs to 80,000lbs+ Capacities 
  • Lengths from 10′ to 50’+ 
  • Usable Widths range: 73″ to 120″+
  • Level off range: 0′ – 15′
  • Traction: Serrated / Smooth Self-Cleaning Surface 
  • 2 Speed Manual Crank (Adjustable between 48″ – 62″) 
  • Toe boot for easy mobility with forklift
  • 4 Solid IDL Rubber Wheels – USA MADE 
  • Built in accordance per California Code of Regulations Title 8 Section 3233

Industries Benefiting from Yard Ramps

Transportation and Logistics

Companies involved in transportation and logistics frequently use yard ramps to load and unload freight from trucks and trailers.

Event Management

Event organizers may use yard ramps to facilitate the loading and unloading of equipment, stages, and supplies for concerts, festivals, and other events.


Farms and agricultural facilities may utilize yard ramps for loading and unloading heavy machinery, livestock, or agricultural products.

Military and Government

Military bases and government facilities may use yard ramps for various logistical purposes, such as loading and unloading supplies and equipment.


Auto shops, car dealerships, and automotive manufacturing plants may use yard ramps for moving vehicles and automotive parts.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers often rely on yard ramps to streamline loading and unloading processes, enabling smooth transitions between trucks and warehouse floors.


Manufacturing facilities may use yard ramps to move raw materials or finished products between ground level and loading docks.


Retailers with large warehouses or distribution centers may use yard ramps to streamline their logistics operations.


Construction sites often require the movement of heavy equipment and materials between ground level and trucks, making yard ramps valuable tools.

Food & Beverage

Food processing plants, breweries, and beverage distributors may use yard ramps to load and unload shipments of ingredients or finished products.

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The Many Uses of Mobile Yard Ramps

  • Material Storage Yards: A very common use of yard ramps is in industrial storage yards where it is not possible to install a loading dock.
  • Relocating Equipment: Moving heavy equipment is another frequent use, whether it is for mining, forestry, oil and gas, construction, or other industrial sectors that employ big machinery.
  • Location: Ramps can be used in a variety of remote job site scenarios, not just construction sites. For example, they can be used for loading agricultural totes, military gear and supplies, outdoor festivals and concerts, and much more.
  • Dock Extension: Yard ramps can help temporarily expand loading dock capacity without requiring building when a facility experiences temporary volume surges or unanticipated demand.
  • Access for Vehicles into Buildings: On sites having both a factory or warehouse and a storage yard, yard ramps can facilitate the unrestricted movement of forklifts.  

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Depending on the type of use that the ramp will be used. OSHA Requires 42" Hand rails with a mid rail if personnel are using the ramp. Altam ramps come standard with 11" Run off guard which CALOSHA requires a min of 8" per CCR Title 8, section 3233.
To figure the usable width you must take the overall width of your wheel base on vehicle or forklift and add 24" overall width. This is required per CALOSHA. Standard usable width range between 73" to 78".
A level off allows you to level the forklift to the truck bed. This is determined by the forklift length + forks. Typically if you forklift length is 4' and the forks are 3' you have a 7' level off min. We fabricate between the most common "no level off to 10ft level off".
By taking the capacity of the forklift we multiply by 3 which gives us a capacity ramp required for your forklift weight. IE: 5000# Capacity forklift would come out to a 15,000# our models are designed for a min of 20,000# Capacity.

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