Motionless Mixers

A wide variety of materials, including carbon and stainless steel, as well as numerous exotic and unique alloys, are used in the design and production of a broad range of static mixers by Altam Manufacturing. In Los Angeles, California

Process Applications

A wide variety of process applications take advantage of static mixing technology including:

Laminar Flow

  • High – Low Viscosity Mixing
  • High Viscosity Mixing
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement

Turbulent Flow

  • Dispersion of Immiscible Liquids
  • Gas-Liquid Contacting
  • Gas Mixing Low Viscosity Liquids Mixing

Industrial Application

Process industries utilize static mixers in a broad range of applications such as:

Chemical Industry

  • Dispersing immiscible liquids in washing and extraction operations
  • Dissolve gases into liquids such as NH3, SO2, Cl2
  • Heat and Cool viscous materials
  • Mix gases with air in front of catalytic reactors such as in the production of Nitric Acid
  • Mix Reactive materials in short length

Polymer Production

  • Mix low viscosity additives into polymer melts
  • Heat and cool polymers

Waste/Water Treatment

  • Aerate drinking water
  • Dissolving CO2, O2, Cl2, ozone into water
  • Flocculants dilution and addition to waste water
  • Mix ground and surface waters
  • pH control of waste water with acids/bases

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

  • Blend additives into gasoline, fuel oil, lubricating oils
  • Blend crude oil from various storage tanks to provide uniform feed to refinery
  • Contact crude oil and water to optimize desalter performance
  • Contact used lubricating oils with sulfuric acid for waste oil regenerations
  • Mix steam and methane feed to reformer

Food and Beverage Industry

  • Add CO2 to fruit juices, wine, beer, etc.
  • Blend fruit juice concentrates
  • Dilute concentrates/tomato paste ​

Plastics Extrusion

  • Homogenize colorant, melt temperature and viscosity prior to mold/die.