Altam Manufacturing & P&V Planning llc Pressure Cooker

Together with P&V Planning LLC, Altam Manufacturing created a special pressure cooker for the restaurant and food processing industries. We have improved research and development over the past ten years thanks to the several restaurants that have tried the pressure cooker from around the world. Finally, we have developed the ideal pressure cooker for practically any size restaurant.

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  • JPC-20V
  • JPC-60V
  • JPC-75V

Incredible Cost Savings!

After extensive research and development, we have finally created the perfect pressure cooker. 

Its easy as 1, 2, and 3…

  1. Cost reduction

  2. Safety function (Patented Safety Assembly)

  3. Easy to clean

Need a custom pressure cooker?  

Consult P&V Planning about your needs while choosing your next pressure cooker.

  • Designed & Fabricated by Altam Manufacturing. 
  • Units are per ASME and are sold internationally meeting all standards. 
  • Canada Pressure Vessel Registration on all standard models.
  • Japanese MHLW Standard 

2" Drain Fast Pour 

Heating Element - Sold Seperatley 

Patent Pressure Control 

Pressure Guage 

Heat Protector 

Patent C Clamp

Altam ASME Certification 

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  • Capacity: 29 Gallons - 110 Liters Approx
  • Yieds about 345 bowls of stock
  • Diameter: 20in - 500mm
  • Height: 24in - 600mm


  • Capacity: 45 Gallons - 170 Liters Approx
  • Yieds about 535 bowls of stock
  • Diameter: 20in - 500mm
  • Height: 24in - 600mm


  • Capacity: 55 Gallons - 200 Liters Approx
  • Yieds about 660 bowls of stock
  • Diameter: 20in - 500mm
  • Height: 24in - 600mm

Comparative Annual Chart

Operational expenditures will drop by $40,000 annually thanks to the Pressure Cooker. Based on daily sales of 300 bowls of ramen, the cost calculation methodology.

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7 Special Features

The cutting-edge pressure cooker challenges conventional cooking methods.


P&V Planning llc

Project Consultant & High Pressure Vessel Coordinator 

In my early years as a ramen apprentice, I studied the fundamentals of ramen cooking by the founder of Santouka Ramen at the main location in Asahikawa (Hokkaido, Japan). I helped open Santouka Ramen restaurants in America a few years later, including ones in Costa Mesa, Torrance, New Jersey, Santa Monica, and San Diego.

After leaving Santouka, I oversaw the development of new products and restaurant openings for Orange Tei and Ramen Yamadaya. By expanding to different types of stores in the United States, from small stores to large stores, roadside stores, food courts, etc., and serving more than 1,000 meals per day, I was able to further my knowledge and experience in both the ramen making techniques and the business side of the restaurant industry. My varied experiences have equipped me with the knowledge necessary to improve working conditions while lowering labor, utility, and food expenses in the food business.

Now, with our pressure vessel, what was formerly a widespread notion that restaurants require a harsh environment to have quality food will be completely changed. As the coordinator for the “new era” of ramen, I have experimented with different broth types, such as Chintan (clear broth) and Paitan (white broth), using our pressure vessel with pork, chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetables, greatly reducing labor, ingredient, and utility costs while enhancing quality and the working environment even more than before.


P&V Planning llc

Project Consultant & High Pressure Vessel Coordinator

Similar to Santa Monica, I was born in a little town called Hayama in 1955.

I spent some of my younger years working at ramen restaurants in Tokyo before moving to the US at the age of 23. In college, I wrestled and played American football, but after hurting my knee, I dropped out and went to work for a meatpacking and wholesale food firm instead.

When I met Aki-san at Yamadaya in Torrance, I finally discovered my “Tenshoku” (divinely appointed job) as a ramen chef. He introduced me to the fundamentals of ramen, such as tonkotsu, shoyu, miso, etc.

I had the chance to work with ramen businesses in NYC using my understanding of the dish, and in 2013 I opened Benkei Ramen, a pop-up ramen restaurant inside Ushiwaka Maru that was open late at night from midnight to 4 a.m.

Some investors and restaurant owners sought me to help them better their businesses after seeing my success in having a busy restaurant with ramen enthusiasts, staff members, and even renowned chefs. I assisted numerous eateries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Connecticut with their ramen business.

As a high pressure vessel coordinator, I am once more collaborating with Aki-san to support ramen shops.