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Depending on the type of use that the ramp will be used. OSHA Requires 42" Hand rails with a mid rail if personnel are using the ramp. Altam ramps come standard with 11" Run off guard which CALOSHA requires a min of 8" per CCR Title 8, section 3233.
To figure the usable width you must take the overall width of your wheel base on vehicle or forklift and add 24" overall width. This is required per CALOSHA. Standard usable width range between 73" to 78".
A level off allows you to level the forklift to the truck bed. This is determined by the forklift length + forks. Typically if you forklift length is 4' and the forks are 3' you have a 7' level off min. We fabricate between the most common "no level off to 10ft level off".
By taking the capacity of the forklift we multiply by 3 which gives us a capacity ramp required for your forklift weight. IE: 5000# Capacity forklift would come out to a 15,000# our models are designed for a min of 20,000# Capacity.