Case Study - Declining & Inclining Approach Dock Ramp

The Challenge 

A customer was expanding their location from out of state to provide rental services near LAX while leasing the building, they ran into an issue that limited their usage of the building. The existing dock was unable to provide the full usage of the property for the vehicles that needed access to the facility. 

The Solution

A 60,000-pound capacity, 20-foot-wide ramp x 44-foot-length ramp was designed and fabricated to allow cars and vans to run along the the surface to utalize the width of the approach dock usage of the leased property. By providing a 3-foot egress to one side for cleaning and inspection of the ramp, as well as access for any repairs or lost goods that may fall between the grating surface panels allows for easy retrieval or cleaning.

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Designed & Fabricated in Los Angeles CA
20-Foot-Wide allowing up to two vehicles at the same time side by side.