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Altam Stationary Yard Ramps

Dock Ramps, Stationary Yard Ramps, also known as fixed Loading Ramps, are a safe and cost effective answer to warehouses without any ground access. Which require no permits! Our ramps can be used for pedestrian, forklift, or vehicle access. Give us a call to see how we can design the perfect ramp for you!

Concrete vs Steel

Often you are left with a decision to go with concrete or steel. Which would be more efficient? Which would be better suited for your investment? In most cases you will find that steel is:
  • Less Expensive
  • Portable
  • Can be reconfigured
  • No permit required
  • Goes with you when you move
  • Ramp Safety & Regulations

    OSHA 1910.178(n)(7) addresses regulations for ramps, slopes or inclines that must be followed any time a powered industrial truck is on a defined incline. Climbing excessive grades can have a negative effect on battery cycle time, fuel consumption, component temperature, longevity and reliability of the machine. While the ability to reliably climb a ramp is important, safely descending a ramp when carrying heavy loads is equally concerning. The forklift must be able to safely stop on the required grade.

    ramp grade safety


    We design our units to be within a 7%-11% Grade which works great with gas powered forklifts. If you have a electric powered forklift the ramp may require a lower grade to function properly. If the height of the dock floor exceeds 6 feet, guard rails or other fall protection will be required. 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(6): requires that each employee on ramps, runways, and other walkways shall be protected from falling 6 feet (1.8m) or more to the lower level by guardrail systems.

    ramp grade safety
    Here at Altam, we believe you can never be too safe to ensure the safety of your workers or yourself. We recommend if you will be having personnel using the ramp as a walkway to have handrails for added safety. Even a 4ft drop can have a serious injury or even death.

    Our Ramp Features

    Engineered with heavy duty constructional carbon steel to ensure years of reliable service.
    • Carbon Steel Construction
    • Serrated Grating Surface (Self Cleaning)
    • Incline standard at 29ft up to 40ft
    • Hand Rails (42in OSHA optional)

    How To Order

    Ordering a ramp is easy! Here are a few details you will need when ordering your forklift ramp.

    • Take your Forklift and multiply the capacity by 3. (IE 5,000# forklift x 3 = 15,000# Capacity Yard Ramp).
    • Are you going to be having personnel walking on the ramp? If so you will be needing 42in Hand Rails to ensure safety.
    • Do your forklift have oversized wheels? We can have the side curbs extended to your desired size from 5in that are standard on all units.
    Request For Quote

    Altam provides you the best range of Yard Ramps (Forklift Ramps) with quality & timely delivery.

    Standard Lead time 1-3 weeks (Depending on when the order was placed & shop load.) 
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    Ask about Free Local Shipping.
    Shipping Freight Class for our Forklift Ramp is : 250
    You can ship via Flatbed or Hotshot.

    Touch up paint for Yard Ramps:
  • Rust-oleum7776 Matte Black
  • Rust-oleum 7727 Gloss Royal Blue
  • Rust-oleum 7715 Aluminum ( Silver / Galvanized)
  • Rust-oleum 242257 Safety Red
  • Rust-oleum 242258 Safety Yellow

  • Offloading Ramp:
    Must have 2 forklifts for offloading ramp. Both fork lifts must have a stage 2 mast that will align to Center of Gravity (CG) which is placed on ramp and lift ramp simultaneously until truck is able to drive away and lower ramp simultaneously.

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