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Altam Stationary Yard Ramps


Commonly known as dock ramps, access ramps,and yard ramps are a safe and cost-effective answer to warehouses without any ground access for either pedestrian, vehicle or forklift use. Altam sells and fabricates custom dock ramps with custom widths, lenghts, and capacity for commerical, government, military applications. Improve your facilities production and access for vehicles into warehouses with no ground access. Fabricated using a carbon steel frame provided by domestic steel suppliers to ensure quality and longevity.

Concrete vs Steel

If you’re renting/leasing a facility, it is unlikely that the owner or landlord would approve you to build a concrete ramp on their property. You also have to make sure that there is enough space for the concrete ramp if the area is not big enough for it; you may create a drainage issue by adding a concrete ramp. None of these are a easy fix. Along with the additional cost to consider with concrete ramps. Altam ramps comes ready to install once they arrive and take a few hours to install if not less. Depending on the type of ramp that is ordered. Units over 8ft may require the ramp to ship in 2 sections which would increase the installation time.

concrete ramp for dock altam dock ramp for vechiles
• Time and construction. • Ready to install once it arrives.
• Permanent, and non-mobile. • No permits needed.
• Not resellable. • You move, the ramp moves with you.
• May require permits. • Cost effective.

Altam Ramp Safety & Regulations (C.C.R.)

Altam ramps are built per California Code of Regulations Title8 Section 3233.  

Ramps shall be not less than two feet wider than the widest vehicle or forklift using the ramp.
If you forklift wheelbase width is 45” you must add 24”. Altam ramps come with a minimum of 73” usable (+6” total width). We can fabricate to any width that you may require.

The slope of ramps used by powered industrial trucks only shall not exceed 1 vertical to 3 horizontal.

Most docks are 48”, which we design our units to have a minimum of the 30ft worth of an incline with a 5-10” lip depending on the space available for when the roll-up doors close (the space between the closed dock door and the edge of the dock), which will give you an 8% Slope which will work with virtually any gas powered forklift. Please refer to your forklift manual or spec sheet that is provided by your Forklift Manufacture. Which you can easily google online by Model and Serial #.

Typical Slope Incline with a standard 48" Dock:
8% Grade = 30Ft Length Incline
7% Grade = 35Ft Length Incline
6% Grade = 40Ft Length Incline
5% Grade = 45Ft Length Incline

Ramps more than 30 inches above the adjacent ground or floor shall be provided with guardrails as required in Section 3210 and handrails as required in (d) above. Such guardrails shall be continuous from the top of the ramp to the bottom of the ramp.
If you are going to be using the ramp for personnel needing access from the ground to the dock (Which most docks are 48” High) 42” handrail will be required. EXCEPTION: Guardrails or stair rails will not be required on ramps used only by powered industrial trucks.

Industrial ramps shall have a curb or equivalent installed along the open side or sides, the curb shall not be less than 8 inches in height and shall be so designed as to prevent the truck wheel from running off of the ramp.
Altam dock ramps are designed and fabricated to meet this standard.

The surface of ramps shall be roughened or shall be of nonslip materials.
Altam uses serrated grating, which is self-cleaning. What we mean by “self-cleaning” is that the grating has spacing between each flat bar that allows for any debris to fall through. Dirt, Rain, Snow, and Oil are no problem when it comes to a serrated grating surface for the incline and level off.

Ramps shall be maintained reasonably clear and in good repair.
Steel over time has wear and tear like any other application. Weather (like rain or having a ramp near the ocean) also has a significant impact on steel. Even though the stationary ramp itself is virtuially maintence free. It is always good to run a inspection every 6 months. Any areas that may require paint touchups are easily done by brush or roller. Following the requirements of cleaning the area per the paint procedure.

Altam provides you the best range of Stationary Dock Ramps with Quality & Timely Delivery.


How long does it take to fabricate a yard ramp?
All of our ramps are fabricated to order and typically take about 8-14 days to ship.
We offer expedite options which take 5-8 Business days to ship.
Lead times change on a daily/weekly basis depending on the shopload at the time of order.

I have a small budget... does Altam offer financing? 
Altam offers finance options to best fit your budget.

Does Altam offer rental or used yard ramps?
Altam does not offer rental options. As you may have come to discover used yard ramps are difficult to find to suit your operation or conform to OSHA regulations. If in California they must conform to CCF Title 8 Section 3233. If you have a used ramp that needs to be brought up to code we can assist in brinigng your ramp up to code. We can evaluate a ramp and see if it is worth bringing up to code for your budget or we can offer a good rate towards your new ramp.

What type of terms or payments do you accept?
Our terms are 50% Deposit with the remainder to be paid prior to shipping.
We accept company check, ACH, All Major Credit Cards. 

I'm out of state can you ship?
Altam is here to assist in finding the best carriers to ship your product! We have shipped coast to coast with great shipping prices.
If you buy 2 you ship for the price of 1! We can ship a max of 3 units per truck (if they are within legal load).

How can I touch up my ramp? Altam uses Rust-Oluem that can be easily bought at any local paint or hardware store. Applying the paint with either a brush or roller is easy by making sure the area that you are touching up is cleaned with either paint thinner or with a  wheel brush. Once you apply the paint let it cure for a few hours. Please contact for more detailed information.

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