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Altam Forklift Safety Cage

Forklift safety cages also know as forklift man baskets are designed to lift personnel, equipment or other items with a forklift securely and safely. Instead of using a pallet or other means of lifting personnel to high places that are not safe. Altam forklift safety cages meet all OSHA requirements, along with meeting ANSI B56.1 Section 7.37 requirements, often used by warehouses for maintenance or collecting items from warehouse racking or high shelves our design keeps personnel safe from falling.

MB484884: 48x48 platform with an 84" back mesh that protects personnel from getting caught on the mast parts when the forklift is lifting up the cage. It is also one of the most popular safety cages with enough room to fit 2 people and other items.

Our Forklift Cage Features

Engineered with heavy duty constructional carbon steel to ensure years of reliable service.
  • 1000# Capacity on steel floor plate deck. 
  • Inward swing gate with locking latch.
    (24" Standard opening customzed upon request)
  • Custom design and capacities available
  • 4in kick plate. (All 4 Corners)
  • 84" Backmesh
  • Extended options starting from 1ft-6ft.

Need to order something custom?!

We offer custom built forklift man baskets/safety cages. To suit your specific needs.

  • Double Entrance (from 2 sides or 3).
  • Custom fork pockets to accomodate your forks.
  • Full enclosure with mesh.
  • Foldable back mesh (84in Mesh).
Need something custom? Send us a drawing or load requirements and we will design and fabricate a safety cage to suit your needs!

Altam provides you the best range of Man Baskets (Forklift Safety cages) with quality & timely delivery.


Product # Width (in) Length (in) Total Height* Price (T&S**)
MB364884 36 48 84 + 3" $650.00
MB484884 48 48 84 + 3" $750.00
MBE484-4 48 48 90 $1,350.00
MBE4848-5 48 48 102 $1,450.00
MBE4848-6 48 48 114 $1,550.00
* +3" for 3x6 pockets. Extended cages add another 3-4" for a pallet for shipping for total height.
** Taxes and Shipping not included.

Payment: Credit Card Processing Fee 3.5% - Company Check
Standard Lead time 1-3 Days (Depending on when order was placed & shop load.)

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Shipping Freight Class for our Man Baskets: 200
NMFC: 115425-1
You can ship via LTL Boxed truck, or you may will call with a pick up truck.

Touch up paint for man baskets:
Rust-oleum 7776 Matte Black
Rust-oleum 7727 Gloss Royal Blue
Rust-oleum 7715 Aluminum ( Silver / Galvanized)
Rust-oleum 242257 Safety Red Rust-oleum
Rust-oleum 242258 Safety Yellow

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