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altam yard ramps on truck for shipping

Altam Mobile Forklift Ramps

Forklift Ramps, Yard Ramps, also known as Portable Loading Ramps or Portable Loading Docks, are a safe and cost effective answer to warehouses without any dock access. Altam located in Southern California in the city of Los Angeles provides custom and standard forklift ramps with custom Level offs and inclines.  We manufacture up to 60,000 lbs. All Forklift Mobile Ramps are made to order and ship out typically within 1-3 weeks.

Our Ramp Features

Engineered to ensure years of reliable service.
  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Serrated Grating Surface (Self Cleaning)
  • 4 USA Made Super Solid IDL wheels
  • Incline standard at 29ft
  • up to 10ft level offs
  • Toe boot for easy mobility
  • Safety Chain to Secure Ramp to Truck/Containers

How To Order

Ordering a ramp is easy! Here are a few details you will need when ordering your forklift ramp.

  • Take your Forklift and multiply the capacity by 3. (IE 5,000# forklift x 3 = 15,000# Capacity Yard Ramp).
  • Level off is important aswell. Customers usually order a 6ft level off to save on costs. Which results in taking out the first few set of pallets off the back of the truck then putting the steel ramp in service. With the 10ft level off you would save time and just roll ramp directly into service.
  • Are you going to be having personnel walking on the ramp? If so you will be needing 42in Hand Rails to ensure safety.
  • Do your forklift have oversized wheels? We can have the side curbs extended to your desired size from 5in that are standard on all units.
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Altam provides you the best range of Yard Ramps (Forklift Ramps) with quality & timely delivery.

Standard Lead time 1-3 weeks (Depending on when the order was placed & shop load.) 
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Shipping Freight Class for our Forklift Ramp is : 250
Can ship via Flatbed or Hotshot.
We provide great shipping rates nation wide!

Touch up paint for Yard Ramps:
  • Rust-oleum7776 Matte Black
  • Rust-oleum 7727 Gloss Royal Blue
  • Rust-oleum 7715 Aluminum ( Silver / Galvanized)
  • Rust-oleum 242257 Safety Red
  • Rust-oleum 242258 Safety Yellow

  • How to offload a ramp when it arrives at your facility?

    Once your ramp arrives via flatbed or hotshot you must put both forklifts with forks spread as much as possible directly between the center of gravity of the ramp and lift once the ramp is level and has a clearing the truck will drive forward and you will need to simultaneously lower the ramp until its completely on the ground. You can then attached the toe-boot and move the ramp like a trailer using 1 forklift.

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