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Altam Dock Boards

Dock Boards, dock ramp, or transition boards are like plates but with the addition of structural components above the plate (curbs). Altam dock boards come standard with 5" guard curbs. With the ability to customize to any width and length and capacity. Our dock boards are designed under the:

Osha Regulation (Standards -29 CFR).
• 1910.26(a) Dockboards are capable of supporting the maximum intended load in accordance with § 1910.22(b);
• 1910.26(b)(1) Dockboards put into initial service on or after January 17, 2017, are designed, constructed, and maintained to prevent transfer vehicles from running off the dock board edge;
• 1910.26(b)(2) Exception to paragraph (b)(1) of this section. When the employer demonstrates there is no hazard of transfer vehicles running off the dock board edge, the employer may use dock boards that do not have run-off protection.
• 1910.26(c) Portable dock boards are secured by anchoring them in place or using equipment or devices that prevent the dock board from moving out of a safe position. When the employer demonstrates that securing the dock board is not feasible, the employer must ensure there is sufficient contact between the dock board and the surface to prevent the dock board from moving out of a safe position;
• 1910.26(d) Measures, such as wheel chocks or sand shoes, are used to prevent the transport vehicle (e.g. a truck, semitrailer, trailer, or rail car) on which a dock board is placed, from moving while employees are on the dock board; and
• 1910.26(e) Portable dock boards are equipped with handholds or other means to permit safe handling of dock boards.
Dock Boards can be used for forklift and other vehicle traffic we can also design dock board for pallet jack usage.

Aluminum vs Steel

Alot of our customers ask about the difference between Aluminum or Steel Dock Boards. Alumunum boards are considerably lighter than steel which makes it easier to move around, along with less corrosion than steel, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments. Our dock boards come primed, and painted which can be applied by onsite with a spray can or even a brush to keep your dock board looking new and keep it from rusting. Steel Dock Boards are the better alternative for higher capacity applications. The advantage of steel is that its much more cost effective and has a better return on your investment while having a longer lifespan than aluminum.

Our Dock Board Features

Engineered with heavy duty constructional carbon steel to ensure years of reliable service.
  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Lifting chains for easy mobility
  • Custom design and capacities available
  • 5" Side Rails
  • 12" x 12" safety legs

How To Order

Choosing the correct length, width and capacity of your dockboard helps improve loading dock operations. Ordering is simple:

  • Most forklifts are between 4 to 7 feet wide. To determine your width you will need to take your wheel base and add 18in - 24in or wider to ensure safety and clearance. Our 72" wide x 60" long dock boards are most common one we manufacture.
  • Height of the highest truck (Most standard trailers are 55"-60")
  • Dock Height. most docks are 48")
  • Type of loading equipment used. (IE. Forklift, Palletjack, etc)
  • Does your forklift have oversized wheels? We can have the side curbs extended to your desired size from 5" that are standard on all units.
Looking for something custom? We can manufacture to any requirment with a fast lead time and competitive pricing.

Altam provides you the best range of Steel Dock Boards with quality & timely delivery.

Product # Width (in) Length (in) Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs) Price (T&S*)
DB6072 60 72 20,000 527 $875.00
DB7260 72 60 20,000 527 $875.00
DB7272 72 72 20,000 619 $1,150.00

Payment Accepted:
• All major Credit Cards come with a Processing Fee 3.5%
• Company Check
• Cash

Standard Lead time 1-3 Days (Depending on when order was placed & shop load.)

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Shipping Freight Class for our Dock Boards is : 60

You can ship via LTL Boxed truck.
Will fit in most pick up trucks if you decide to will call

Touch up paint for Dockboards:
Rust-oleum 7776 Matte Black
Rust-oleum 7727 Gloss Royal Blue
Rust-oleum 7715 Aluminum ( Silver / Galvanized)
Rust-oleum 242257 Safety Red Rust-oleum
Rust-oleum 242258 Safety Yellow

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